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#The happiest 7 year old in the universe.

“I like this torch. It is a very nice torch.”

"Torches are cool."

torches are cool

"It’s like a mini Torchwood"

i remember thinking “matt it’s actual fire please don’t drop it “

I'm really unhappy in my work right now-- my supervisor treats me like dirt and doesn't care for my opinions or personal comfort. Might any of the Nations have something to say that will get me through another day? Thank you. ((I do sincerely love this blog. It makes me smile so much every morning.))


Latvia reminds you to remain strong despite the harsh times! There will always be those who are rude and treat you as though you are beneath them, but you musn’t let them get to you! Don’t let them break your spirit!

I am sorry for your unfortunate circumstance, anon, but I’m glad you like the blog! Have a great day! :)

Bless your heart, HHR and Latvia, because I really needed that. 


Hetalia characters corresponding to Attack on Titan characters

Levi Rivaille ; Japan
Reiner Brauns ; Prussia
Jean Kirschtein  ; England
Marco Bodt ; Lithuania
Bertolt Hoover ; Spain



Imagine you trying to get your OTP to hook up together


Imagine your OTP switching bodies for a day.

Archie, waking in Theresa’s body: “Where the actual fuck is my brace?!”
Theresa, waking up in Archie’s body: Rolls out of bed without thinking and immediately comes down hard on Archie’s bad leg. This sets the tone for the rest of the day. 


What was the original purpose for this website because something went wrong along the way

before cosplay: yoooo i can't wait to cosplay
wearing cosplay: oh my god i look terrible i'm not going to cosplay ever again
after cosplay: yooooo i can't wait to cosplay again


This is… not any less creepy in daylight


one of us is gonna have to change


one of us is gonna have to change



dont u hate it when its nine in the afternoon but ur eyes are just normal sized

I’ve seen this post three times on my dash and i still cant fucking figure out what it means is it like some secret code. are 22,000+ of you in a secret society????? what the fuck is going on?????


Your Monday Morning Brain Teaser: Unscramble the Corgi.